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Once you give the "clear to close", there is only one more thing to do Ė close the deal. You don't want to hear about problems; you donít want excuses; and you don't want delays. You just want to close the deal; on time. At Reynolds Law Offices, that is what we do.

What makes a "Reynolds closing" different from others?

  • We believe that it is our responsibility to create a positive closing experience for all parties. 
  • We keep everyone fully informed at each step of the transaction, even after the closing.
  • We love to answer questions, even questions that aren't asked, but should have been.
  • We believe that it is our job to anticipate and resolve problems.
  • We do our own title searches. This allows us to understand each property more fully, and to better identify issues the lender and the buyer should be aware of.
  • We can turn around a file from setup to closing in a matter of days, another advantage of doing our own titles.
  • We never cut corners. We perform full 50-year title searches; we do not accept the industry practice of working from a prior title insurance policy.
  • We are not just another vendor in the closing process; we provide professional legal services.
  • Our fees are very competitive; we have one flat fee and never tack on extra charges.
  • We believe in old-fashioned service at a reasonable cost.

A few facts that distinguish Reynolds Law Offices from many other law firms:

  • Senior attorney Craig Reynolds has over 27 years of conveyancing experience.
  • One of the attorneys or staff is always available to answer your questions; we are never "in court".
  • The firm has handled more than 17,000 closings.
  • The firm has performed more than 13,000 title examinations.
  • More than 30 area lenders use our services on a regular basis.
  • We are an "approved attorney" for more than 50 correspondent lenders.

The closing attorney is the last contact your borrowers have with the loan transaction. Their experience at the closing will be what they remember you by. Make sure that experience is a positive one. Allow them to experience a "Reynolds closing".

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